Bound To You || Bill Cipher X Reader

Bound To You || Bill Cipher X Reader

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It's been almost 3 years. Gravity Falls continued it's life after the catastrophe that happened almost 3 years ago.
This Summer, a 16 year old girl named (Y/n) (L/n) took a trip to Gravity Falls to visit her aunt. Another reason for her visit is that she wanted to find out more about the rumors of Gravity Falls that have been going around the Internet for ages. 

Then she found a triangle like statue, shook it's hand and changed her whole life.


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*appears out of thin air*
                              I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED
*looks at the window* *stomach growls* I know I also want a Dorito chip right now *pulls out a bag of dorito chips* *eats it and place some next to the window*
Oh there’s rumors about there being monsters and ghost and demons 
                              Let’s go there 
Fsteckie Fsteckie Dec 07
Wait, was Lisa an important character, or is she just one you made up? It's been FOREVA since I was into GF.
yoonturtle yoonturtle a day ago
                              'Hey aunt Lisa!'
                              Im gonna pretend that's not awkward
CocoNelly22 CocoNelly22 Dec 06
*meglavonia intensifying*
                              Sans: I was summoned?
                              *turns around to fangirls*
                              Sans: Flour you today sweethearts?
                              *fangirls faint*