Teen Wolf - Imagines (Under Construction/ Requests Closed)

Teen Wolf - Imagines (Under Construction/ Requests Closed)

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Marilynn By OkayStilinski Updated May 08, 2017

✳ Imagine requests are currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.✳

 Teen wolf imagines and preferences of the character and actors... Just because Teen Wolf is Amazing!
·Scott McCall ·Stiles Stilinski 
·Isaac Lahey ·Liam Dunbar
·Brett Talbot ·Jordan Parrish 
Plus more.

I do not own the characters such as Scott, Stiles, etc. All rights for these characters go to their creators and MTV.

I create my own storyline ideas. Please do not steal. I work very hard on them. ©

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savage_parker savage_parker Jul 05, 2017
"There's no such thing as fate."
                              "There's no such thing as were-wolves"
liaruberteen liaruberteen Oct 02, 2016
Hey! You could do a Scott Imagine?
                              me and Scott are friends since we were small, and our feelings start to get bigger, and Stiles tries to help us to get together
                              And my name is Ali
                              Thanks ❤️
Gemini_taty16 Gemini_taty16 Jan 21, 2017
Can u make me a Scott imagine pls where I was walking  home from school and these wolfs came out of now where they bit me and u cab take it from there
- - Aug 17, 2016
do you take requests? if you don't, then don't worry about it
euphoricvision euphoricvision Apr 27, 2016
Maybe one where Y/N finds whichever guy injured in the woods or whatever and she cleans up their cuts and stuff?