Unexpected Love ↭ Markson/Yugbam

Unexpected Love ↭ Markson/Yugbam

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Rainbow bitch By IShipIttt Updated Jan 04

Mark was new to the school but people seemed to welcome him well enough he made a group of friends quickly, but also found an attractive guy soon enough. Mark had no idea that the one guy he found attractive would end up loving him more than anyone else has, but also hurting him more than anyone else has.

Jackson was the most popular guy in school, his good looks humor, he had it all. He also had a boyfriend, Bambam, who he loved with all his heart and he did a lot to show it, but the couple was drifting apart and when a new guy comes to school he becomes BamBam's best friend, but also catches Jackson's eye.

How will this end up? Will Mark win Jackson over but hurt his best friend in the process or will he let his best friend be happy, only hurting himself?

I wish i could wake up b4 my alarm goes off for the 6th  time
NotTodayGodImToGay NotTodayGodImToGay Nov 18, 2016
Same. Except i'm the lesbian freak eho doesn't like people and apparentlu has some sort of weird malfunction in my brain according to other disgust boys
iluvpickles4 iluvpickles4 Nov 28, 2016
I feel like I'm sinning by reading Jackbam. This is not okay
My parents always say that to me when I go to my friends house for a sleepover and there's like, 3 or 4 of us
Im the popular outgoing type but i would nvr bully someone its just wrong.... especially not MARKIEPOOH