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Douse Me {Alice Cullen}

Douse Me {Alice Cullen}

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Sam By Sweetest-Wolf Completed

~Bella opens her mouth to speak but Cole beats her to it, "you don't have to protect her because I will." She says no doubt surprising the two as her flames jump to life in her free hand, of course she had told Jacob about this but he's never seen it before.
  "You're about to cross a line," he warns.
  "Then don't draw one. Please?"
  The two glance at each other for a few or so before Bella is dragging her towards the house. She throws Jacob an apologetic look over her shoulder before she allows Bella to drag her towards the house. She keeps her flame lite not believing so easily like Bella does. She waits for Bella to turn the light on once they enter the house, the unease in her chest only growing.
  She had imagined this in her head a million times but even as it happens it's nothing like she would have imagined. She had dreamed that seeing Alice again would be the best feeling in her life but it's not. She stands there looking at the girl she loves or loved, she can't make that distinction now and she feels anything but relief.
  Her flames die down once she see's that there is no threat. She feels her throat constricting as she watches Bella almost throw herself into Alice's arms. There's none of the joy she had expected as she looks at the other woman. She feels angry and hurt but most of all she feels betrayed. Alice looks at her and Cole can't read her expression; she can't even look at Alice without the pain rippling through her chest as she takes a step backwards. She feels a flush of embarrassment as hot tears start pouring down her cheeks.
  "Don't come near me," she says when it look Alice is going to say something; she throws Bella an apologetic look but it's all she can manage before she turns and runs outside as fast as she can.~
  {Book Two of the Mila Coleman Saga}
  {Set during New Moon}
  {Completed, Sequel in progress}

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