My Princess | Demon Prince x reader

My Princess | Demon Prince x reader

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DespairCircus By DespairCircus Updated Apr 22, 2017

You've lived in the human world all your life, with no family. 

One day a demon appears before you.
" Hello, daughter of Satan." He smiles as he reaches for your hand, teleporting you to hell with him. 

"This is payback, for what your father has done." The demon tells you. 


'Wait, what?! He kidnapped me?' You sigh.

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21moon24 21moon24 Apr 22, 2017
*sighs* and I was hoping this wouldn't make the reader a mary-sue.
aesthetictryhard_ aesthetictryhard_ Sep 27, 2017
this isn't me... I'm not perfect... it's been 6 weeks into school and I have all As and a C (All those As are going to go to Cs soon)
TheYandereDovahkiin TheYandereDovahkiin Dec 18, 2016
Oh I see *crazed laugh* I'm on a febreeze commercial heheheh*mumbles: I will kill you mister*
Queen_0f_Demons Queen_0f_Demons Jan 01, 2017
Eh I'm used to this a lot of people actually call me Demon,Devil,She devul,Satan,Satan's not kidding and my family says I act like him sometimes and that is how I got the inspiration to have my username on here like that
TheYandereDovahkiin TheYandereDovahkiin Dec 18, 2016
Excuse me? I am not his daughter nuh uh, you got me mistaken. I'm a succubus, I'm not the one you are looking for.