My Princess | Demon Prince x reader

My Princess | Demon Prince x reader

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DespairCircus By DespairCircus Updated Nov 24

You've lived in the human world all your life, with no family. 

One day a demon appears before you.
" Hello, daughter of Satan." He smiles as he reaches for your hand, teleporting you to hell with him. 

"This is payback, for what your father has done." The demon tells you. 


'Wait, what?! He kidnapped me?' You sigh.

( Original work not fanfiction)

Ha! 1 + 1= ??
                              Not 2...
- - Jul 15
The best things in the world you usually have to work for, even love doesn't come as simple
Trueotaku78 Trueotaku78 Oct 07
Nope, I wait for no one fool. If you wanna apologize, you're gonna have catch up to me. ;p -walks away like a total boss-
Everyone's thinking about Sebastian..
                              I'm thinking of Marshall Lee (dunno why)
Cool I have a Sebastian now!
                              I CAN SLAP HIM WHEN HE SAVES ME!!!😀😀😀