The Werewolf's Mate (Werewolf) (BoyxBoy)

The Werewolf's Mate (Werewolf) (BoyxBoy)

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Amy By Amy_theHybrid Updated Aug 31

Sky is about to find his mate...

Jace needs help...badly.

But little does Jace know that his help comes in the form of a mountain of a teenager who walks the halls of the school. He's quiet and reserved and doesn't say much. Tall, dark and mysterious; he seems dangerous. 

Jace isn't what Sky wants in a mate...

But Jace needs him.

What will Sky do when he learns of Jace's dirty little secret?

  • cancer
  • dominant
  • enemies
  • highschool
  • human
  • mates
  • revenge
  • werewolf
The page jumped back and I read "Named after the Alphas Great kitchen"
I once felt 10 times worse. After finally getting sleep I had to wake up 10 min later
One of the tags say cancer and the story description says Jace has a secret. Am I suppose to worry? :(
_gbunny7 _gbunny7 Nov 27
Nope. I have music blast for me so usually I jolt and turn it off and lay back down. Or go take a shower
I don't get to hear the beep beep beep. My cat recently had kittens so every morning I wake up 10 mins before my alarm clock goes off to a kitten being put in my mouth. It's gross. I hate it, but I think my cat is broken (weird or maybe mentally ill) ((but in a good way I guess...)
IDK505 IDK505 Aug 27, 2016
Dude, if I did that my mom would unleash a fury so freaking scary the devil himself would cower in fear because of it. Then, she'd wake me up with a bucket of water everyday till I woke up all on my own...