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pros·pect \ˈprä-ˌspekt\

Middle English, from Latin prospectus view, prospect, from prospicere to look forward, exercise foresight, from pro-forward + specere to look

: the possibility that something will happen in the future

: an opportunity for something to happen

James and Nadine's prospects

  • hayme
  • jadine
  • jamesreid
  • nadinelustre
  • nadya
  • ojd
lesdine lesdine Jul 29, 2017
"Dati di ako ganyan, di ako seloso.... "
                              Napabalik ako dito HAHAHAHAHA
redblack1998 redblack1998 Mar 14, 2017
Please give my teen fiction / drama story "That Crush To Soulmate.Feeling" a chance. :) (Jadine)
ferizxka ferizxka Sep 14, 2017
Godamn!💦💦 oh, hi btw. I'm reader from Indonesia🙆🏻😂
beyondunthinkable beyondunthinkable May 28, 2016
I regret not reading this earlier. But I regret turning red and laughing out loud that caught my mom's attention who's practically threatening me not to buy a JaDine book if I don't let her read what I'm reading. Goddamn 😩😭
TransientReader TransientReader Aug 27, 2016
Seriously kids!! What the hell are you doing here?! 😂😂😂😂😂
xhibichan xhibichan Jul 12, 2016
Nakoo po 😱😱😱😱 i think i just died.. first time to read a fanfic and oh boy.. wow... *imaginations runs wild*