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pros·pect \ˈprä-ˌspekt\

Middle English, from Latin prospectus view, prospect, from prospicere to look forward, exercise foresight, from pro-forward + specere to look

: the possibility that something will happen in the future

: an opportunity for something to happen

James and Nadine's prospects

vanilla22sonexotic vanilla22sonexotic Apr 18, 2016
I was confused as hell and then 'oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh.' LOL HAYME NEVER CHANGES😂😂
beyondunthinkable beyondunthinkable May 28, 2016
I regret not reading this earlier. But I regret turning red and laughing out loud that caught my mom's attention who's practically threatening me not to buy a JaDine book if I don't let her read what I'm reading. Goddamn 😩😭
NerdQueen15 NerdQueen15 Feb 28, 2016
NO FHM. 😂 if nadine have one. Only James can be the photographer and He is the only one who can get a copy 😂😂
bitchysel bitchysel Apr 26, 2016
grabe I had to search it up pa to get it 😂😂 I love you James 😂
vanilla22sonexotic vanilla22sonexotic Apr 18, 2016
It's hot enough as it is pero dinagdagan nyo pang dalawa. Damn
TempOreAry TempOreAry Aug 27, 2016
Seriously kids!! What the hell are you doing here?! 😂😂😂😂😂