Control // miraculous ladybug

Control // miraculous ladybug

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kjellberg- By kjellberg- Updated May 01

They say that you're in control of your actions. What if that wasn't actually true? With Hawk Moth on the loose and with the power of the akumas, how could you possibly be in control of yourself? One of the two Parisian heroes is corrupted after an emotional rejection. It had taken her all of her courage to confess to her crush and he shuts her down, saying he has feelings for someone already.

"I already have feelings for someone else," she mocks him once she's on her own. She scoffs, "Someone else, my ass."

As the Akuma consumes her in her insecure state and Hawk Moth makes a deal that captures her full attention, 'Love Bug' is on the loose making people love her left and right.

21.02.16 -

What the heck Adrien?!!😠😠😠😠😡😡😡Dude that's MEAN!!
porternight porternight Jul 30
Dude the person you like is right in front of you but in a different outfit!
😔 oh Adrien 
                              YOUR SO DENSE!!!!!!!!
Kaseybreazy Kaseybreazy Jun 09
how the hell are they supposed to capture the akuma if she has been akumitized?
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok  
                              there two different people
                              like they have never met each other
                              I'm done