Bonezone Corner

Bonezone Corner

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Ҝitsuπє (Нιαтυѕ) By Maia-Hsien Updated 2 days ago

This book contains:
• A self-made AU
• Bonezone (Skele-ton of Sexual themes)
• Etc. 

Picture I use DOES NOT belong to me :)

The game undertale belongs to the great Toby Fox 

I only own the AU and the plot, and maybe some OC or add-on characters

xXpaytonXxPlaysGames xXpaytonXxPlaysGames Sep 19, 2016
                              GODDAMNIT ANOTHER PUN!!! XD
TechGrl1 TechGrl1 Dec 03, 2016
Dusk: The pictures at the bottom are my reaction to life... and sometimes when I take too long to post a decent chapter of Dusktale...
-----S----- -----S----- Dec 08, 2016
Toriel: Everyone calm down
                              Asgore: Well Sans seems to be going alright with this
                              *Insert picture*