Dominant Love

Dominant Love

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kat By livexlovexlaugh Updated Dec 27, 2013

Can you find love in the person you hate? Alana did. She hates Adrian parker with a passion. He’s always there saying something or doing something that pisses her off. He’s popular, she’s feared, what happens when these two clash?

Adrian has a lot more on his plate than most think. He’s an up and coming alpha of the largest, oldest and most powerful pack in the werewolf world. So what happens when he finds out Alana- a human-is his mate? 

He’s hiding a secret but so are so many others. Alana is a mystery; the truth behind her has been hidden. So what happens when secrets are let loose and truths are thrown out into the open? 

What will make their love and what will break it?  Can their love survive both their dominant natures?

LexieHolle LexieHolle Jun 08
I wish you would write more on this book it was my first book I read on wattpad and I loved it and I’ve been waiting years for you to update. I was 15 years old the last time you updated I am 20 now.
painfuldaggers painfuldaggers May 08, 2017
When i read or hear the word "ALANA" it reminds me of our sluty bitchy neighbor
yaouigurrll15 yaouigurrll15 May 24, 2015
This is LITERALLY about 10 to 15 in my school. On a daily basis
BlAck_hEaRted-chick BlAck_hEaRted-chick May 07, 2014
Ahhhhhhhhhh this is already my favorite book and I've only read one part
rushb24 rushb24 Jun 06, 2013
Plz update this story !!! It's way to good to just stop here ! I'm dying for it
- - Jun 22, 2012
You're "I's" need to be capitalized other than that good job