daddy, daddy, cool / larry

daddy, daddy, cool / larry

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de is fried . By bottombabie Updated Jul 21

"harry, i am your father for god's sake."

"does it look like i give a shit? now let me suck your dick."

[15 year old! h, 30 year old! l.]
[graphic content.]

Me: *knocks on @bottombabie door* 
                              Her: *opens door*
                              Me: Hello ma'am would you like to take a minute to talk about our L-
                              Her: *begins to close the door*
                              Me: -ARRIE SHIP 
                              Her: *opens door and quickly ushers me in* Hurry tf before someone sees you.
That's so weird but so good at the same time and wow I am enjoying that too much
So is he his actual biological dad? I thought he was his stepdad or sth. Well shît... *looks around awkwardly*
Im dieing 9-4-1..I mean 9-1-2 ..I mean the larrygetsyougoinghotline
let's think about dis, you came from the dick you want to hop on
I don't mind incest irl even tho I don't partake in it, love is love just girls should rlly take birth control if they do that cause then their baby's gonna be deformed