Silently Falling in Love: Race - #Wattys2017

Silently Falling in Love: Race - #Wattys2017

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Does a couple meet by, what someone would say coincidence; while others would argue it was their fate. 

Our lovers lives are intertwined, but just how intertwined are they? This time Lady Fate grants our heroine her wish of moving to California.  Like a Princess her wish is granted, but does that mean she'll have to give up her Prince?
When your fate is changed, how does it impact your Destiny and Karma?  Come see how Anjali and Alex' Destiny and Karma changes.
*This is the last book in the trilogy.  I highly recommend you read the first two book before reading this one.   This is the final book in the trilogy.  You can read Silently Falling in Love: Lucky Charm and then Book 2 is Silently Falling in Love: Again
Silently Falling in Love Trilogy Summary:  

When it comes to life there are three aspects to it.
                           FATE, which is predetermined.
                           KARMA which is how you shape and carve your path.
                           And DESTINY? Well that's what happens when your Fate and Karma merge together.  
Silently Falling in Love is a trilogy that follows a couple on their journey in three different scenarios in that their FATE is slightly altered.  When your FATE is altered how do your KARMA and DESTINY change?

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Ishi42 Ishi42 Apr 21, 2017
Rebirth of Alex & Anjali ...She is breaking rules bcz in this life she had to be with Alex unlike second one where they both sacrifices 😖
pravnica pravnica Feb 22, 2016
what are the odds yesterday only i watched yeh jawani hein dewani for 4th time
AradhayaMehra AradhayaMehra Feb 22, 2016
Maybe it's that certain blue eyed California boy that you are destined to be with.
dezertroze dezertroze Apr 25, 2016
Hey..I'm back..sry I've been away for so long...but now I'm back n I absolutely loved this part...might have been short but too entertaining...Arjuna just puts a smile on my face :)
AradhayaMehra AradhayaMehra Mar 18, 2016
Forgotten may not be the right word here lol.  He "forgot" just he could look around.  😂
AradhayaMehra AradhayaMehra Feb 22, 2016
So Anjali and Stanford. Where Arjun also goes to school. If I remember correctly in book one he did say if she went to Stanford instead of UPenn she would have probably been with him. I chuk it up to fate that Alex and Anjali end up together by some way or the other.