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Only one chance to love (Destiel, Sabriel, and Micifer)

Only one chance to love (Destiel, Sabriel, and Micifer)

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Lucifer's mom By lilpandawolf Completed

Castiel, Gabriel, and Michael Novak come from a really religious family, and according to their parents one of the worst things you could be is gay. Coincidently all of them are gay. Cas and Gabe Admit it themselves while Michael denies it. 
  Dean, Sam, and lucifer Winchester  just moved into town, with their father john, who was usually off on a "business" trip, leaving the three teenagers home alone. And coincidently all of them are also gay. Sam and lucifer embrace the rainbow, while Dean tries to hide it.
  The Novaks notice the Winchesters as soon as they arrived. And the Winchesters do the same.
  Each one of the Novak boys are attracted to a Winchester.
  Are they willing to go out of their way to Disobey their family? And if they do would it be worth it?

Imyourgardianangel Imyourgardianangel 14 hours ago
I did that once. Finished the sugar bag and ended up in the hospital screaming "pancakes!!!!"
kittyfaustus12 kittyfaustus12 6 days ago
There is so much sass in just one chapter!!! I like it, it's different then what I normally read
I love how they call luck Satan and the devil.  This is wonderful
If that's true, then... hey, fanfic dean Winchester, nice to meet ya!
Annabelle?  Conjuring or or watch cupcakes and animated  video? Cuz that scared me...
My gaydar senses are on point. I tell my friend she's bisexual but she's so far in the closet she can see Narnia and Dean.