Daddy (Justin Bieber)

Daddy (Justin Bieber)

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x_kidrauhl_bieber_x By x_kidrauhl_bieber_x Updated Dec 06, 2016

He pushed me hard against the wall "I'm tired of your fucking attitude! You're being a bad girl" 

I just rolled my eyes "What are you gonna do? Spank me?!" 

He charged at me and bent me over the bed "I'm gonna show you what happens to bad little girls like you" 


Hi. Before you read this story remember it's a daddy kink so there is gonna be some sexual content and strong language so if you don't like that stuff don't read

I didn't even start reading and that pic already made me wet
How the hell does she think she's fat if she looks like that in the story ?? Honey , that's a body of naturally beautiful curves and you think you're fat ??
Well damnnn....I'm 5'3 and probably gonna stay like that for a while.
thelonersclub thelonersclub 21 hours ago
Wtf I have that exact bedsheet and my walls are that shade of pink..😨
You've already kissed her multiple times so tf you mean her "first kiss" ??
mccanzslut mccanzslut Aug 03
damn unless you show me what those magic tongue and fingers do ;) 👅💦