Daddy (Justin Bieber)

Daddy (Justin Bieber)

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He pushed me hard against the wall "I'm tired of your fucking attitude! You're being a bad girl" 

I just rolled my eyes "What are you gonna do? Spank me?!" 

He charged at me and bent me over the bed "I'm gonna show you what happens to bad little girls like you" 


Hi. Before you read this story remember it's a daddy kink so there is gonna be some sexual content and strong language so if you don't like that stuff don't read

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Gas pedal wiggle like tryin asś fall HELLA THICK YOU WANNA SMASH THEM now speed up GAS PEDAL GAS PEDAL
Well he gave up 1.6 million dollars for you. What'd u think a small ass cottage
@InvisibleWhiteWolf first of all it was only shown twice, second of all, it fucks up sometimes, so what? You're over exaggerating. The picture was only shown twice and it's obvious that it was a mistake. Moving on.
When I show off for your friends knowing ya momma don't play games.
Why picture of Alyssa shown over again, over again, and over again in this chapter?