Heartless~Peter Pan/OUAT Fanfiction

Heartless~Peter Pan/OUAT Fanfiction

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ceceherondale By ceceherondale Updated Nov 09

Everyone knows Pan loves to play games. He is the king of games, and of Neverland. What happens when a nameless girl suddenly appears on the island, and challenges him to a game of her own? A girl whose mind and magic matches his. The game they are playing is a dangerous one, and there can only be one winner. Or can there? What happens when Pan starts to let himself lose? Never underestimate a girl who is heartless, in every sense of the word. 

"You know the rules. You fall in love, you lose."

But as everyone knows, Peter Pan never fails.

Really looking forward to reading this! It seems like a plot line that is slightly different from other PeterPan fanfics.
I can not wait to read more I love the style of this girl!!!!!
il_rose il_rose Aug 19
Bless this child for her humor and sarcasm. Ya sassy lass. Love ya.👏🏼❤️😂
O M Peter Pan! This is one of the best stories I have ever seen! Yes I'm so glad I found it!
youtubinggg youtubinggg Jun 11
Beautiful creatures? She seems like the girl from the movie and the number is... Well you know
JordynAJ JordynAJ Mar 07
Omg their deal 😂 I'm in love with this story already! It's so incredibly well written and the girl is so direct and mysterious, it's great! Can't wait for the next chapter!