Minecraft Diaries One-Shots

Minecraft Diaries One-Shots

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Minecraft Diaries One-Shots! 


Enjoy c:

Yup love is a strange thing, this was basically a sims version. 
                              Meet a person 
                              Fall in love
                              But still super cute
moni_1123 moni_1123 Jul 30
Roses are red
                                    Thorns are prickly 
                                        May I just say
                                That escalated quickly 
*nosebleeds* @/////@ this is a first i haven't nosebleed in 11 years 😂
BAH! ITS LIKE KISSING MYSELF!! (Because we look the same) Well you know what they say. I gotta love myself and I don't need anybody else
That escalated way too quickly fory liking. THEY JUST MET!!!
                              Shiz! my bf is just staring at me because  blushing and smiling like a mad man. So I'm just shrugging and saying 'Anime?' He just laughing now because I get like this when I read stuff like this or when I'm watching anime xD
So knew each other for a hour or two...kisses and the proposes... LOGIC 🤗