The Magical House of Dumbledore (A Marauders Love Story)

The Magical House of Dumbledore (A Marauders Love Story)

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Eve and Deb By IAmWhoYouThinkImNot Completed

Harley Davidson is a Muggle-born girl, and doesn't like it when people make jokes about her name. When she finds out she is a witch, she is accepted into Hogwarts.... IN HER FOURTH YEAR?

She would have been a fifth year, but it would have been too harsh on her to learn five years worth of things, and not to mention all the homework.

When she gets sorted, she is placed into an unconfirmed house. The Headmasters. She is only placed there as she seems unplaceable by the Hat.

She is constantly being flirted with by Sirius Black, but prefers Remus because of their books choice. Both she finds infuriating. Peter she doesn't so much as like because he is a suck up, and James hilarious by the constant rejections of her best, childhood friend, Lily Evans.

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KittenBMac KittenBMac Mar 07
imagine draco needing to say that: "I, DRACO MALFOY, AM FUGLY! "
KittenBMac KittenBMac Mar 06
Hmmm... Wut happened to Draco? Wait, no, he isn't alive yet... Nevermind
Emma0n3 Emma0n3 Jun 12, 2017
I just realized his name is being spelt wrong and now I can't ignore this fact and it's irking me so badly now
Ravenpuff05 Ravenpuff05 Aug 02, 2017
I would say
                              Id rather keep it the same with N and O together
KittenBMac KittenBMac Mar 06
I WANNA BREAK THE HAT! GIVE ME LESSONS! also, I thought the hat was PG
KittenBMac KittenBMac Mar 06
I'm sorry, is the author a stalker?  HOW CAN THEY DESCRIBE ME SO PERFECTLY?!?!