Ruthless Dukes Revenge! (on hold until 2014)

Ruthless Dukes Revenge! (on hold until 2014)

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Lex! By little_tiny_me Updated Oct 22, 2013

Lily Whitmore has had a hard life at the hands or her father Lord Gregory Whitmore. A vicious brutal man who cared not for anyone, Especially his own wife and daughter. Finally being free of his clutches due to him fleeing for his life. Lily can begin to pick up the pieces of her life and forget her scars, Both mental and physical. Lily wants to find love and happiness from a man, Something she's never known.

Lord Daniel, 4th Duke of Rochwick has other ideas, He is a man out for revenge against the detestable Whitmore family, He has been fleeced out of thousands of pounds by Lord Whitmore and he wants it back, But Daniel soon discovers that he is not the only one Gregory Whitmore has fleeced. And soon realises the prospect of having his money returned unlikely, especially as he learns Gregory has vanished, Leaving his wife and young daughter behind. A livid Daniel opts for a new plan, He had heard whispers about how Lady Lily Whitmore whored herself to her fathers business associates in the hopes they would turn a blind eye to his scams, Gregory had even offered her to Daniel when he had begun questioning his state of affairs. Yes. Daniel would seek his revenge upon the sickening Lady Lily, He would use her like she used herself. For his own gain.

(Cover made by @mmww411210)

TakeMeTo__Wonderland TakeMeTo__Wonderland Apr 27, 2016
Cant help auto correct. Ive done that before, if ur in a flurry or writing you only glance at the screen a couple of time and only mess with the things that are RED UNDERLINED!
mamag1206 mamag1206 Feb 11, 2016
I thought it would have finished by now please we want the rest
YusimiPadron YusimiPadron Jul 04, 2015
I thought it was him. i was about to say what a mama's boy he is. lol
nbodley nbodley Jun 06, 2015
do not waste ur time reading this novel. it is incomplete. readers have been waiting since 2013 for an update. I am VERY disappointed in the author
Tmk906 Tmk906 Jan 11, 2015
There are too many errors...But I like the story immensely. Just needs a touch up on editing.
TejalG TejalG Sep 09, 2014
you need to edit the story..:p it will make better reading:)