Restored Humanity ▷ Nick Sorrentino [2]

Restored Humanity ▷ Nick Sorrentino [2]

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Skye Johnson By Skye_Johnson_ Updated Sep 20, 2017

Mutts. A problem that fortunately Emma and the pack had dealt with and moved on in such a short amount of time for more problems were coming ahead. All they ever really wanted was some tranquility and peace that haven't been given to them yet and was not going to be given any time soon. The problem ahead of them was something their existence, unknown was to the world.

     Witches. Opposite of the werewolves, all women except for one, Aleister. All boys were meant to die for the witches weren't going to take any chance in the prophecy coming to live until one did and the boy happened to be the one the prophecy talked about.

     In the mission to kill all the witches Aleister was determined to get the most powerful wolves, those being Emma and Elena. Introductions to a whole new unknown world and unexpected news is what the future departs for Emma and her family. Changes that will not only affect her but her husband, Nick, and also the pack as one together.

     Witches will now be an important part of the wolves lives, both in good and bad ways. It was time for the pack to hold on tight for the ride they were about to get in was going to be a twisted, wonderfully unique kind of magical.

[Season 2]

Disclaimer: I do not own Bitten or any of the characters, I just own Emma, some of her lines and the plot she has in the story beside the one from the show that's all. All credit goes to Daegan Fryklind, the producers and writers of Bitten.

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Cloexr Cloexr Nov 09, 2016
Yay! You updated! I loved the first instalment of this, I can't wait to get into this one!😊