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The Nerd, She's Back

The Nerd, She's Back

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Christine Janelle ♡ By todaywas_afairytale Updated 6 days ago

Meet Andrea Madison Wilson. The nerd. She was studying all the time and gets straight A's. She also wears glasses as thick as a tree and baggy clothes. She can't go shopping like other girls at Forever 21 because she needs the money for her mom. Her mom had cancer. They needed money for her treatment. By they, I meant her brother. Her brother works when Andrea's at school. Andrea gets straight A's because she wants to get a scholarship for college and get a job for her mom. Her dad? He's super wealthy. But, when they asked for money, he refused because it was for their mom. Their parents had a big problem with each other. When she was about to start school as a sophmore, her mom decided to move to London for at least a year. 

Ah.. the GREAT Ethan Johnson. He was your typical player, bad boy. He was perfect and got everything he wanted. He was wanted by all the girls. He bullied every nerd. He ruined their lives. Especially, Andrea. But here's a secret, he had a crush on Andrea in 6th grade! But will that bullying come back to bite him back one day?


Sadly, Andrea's mom passed away in the summer, when Andrea was about to go to school as a junior back in London. She was forced to move back with her dad, which she didn't mind because he was nice to her. But she can't help but miss her mom each day. She realized that she wanted everyone to pay. She wanted all the bullies to learn a lesson. What better way, then to move back to her old school with a different attitude, body, and face. With the help of her dad's money of course. 


Now that she's back . . . what will happen? Will Ethan's crush come back? Does Ethan feel bad for what he did to Andrea? Will he fall in love and Andrea ends up breaking his heart as revenge? Or will they both fall in love? 

Well one thing's for sure, The Nerd . . . She's Back.

I dont rly read to escape, thats what my music is for I,  i read because i like reading different stories, especially fantasy, i like magic and powers, different types of creatures. Its just interesting
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ Jul 07, 2016
I was bullied last guys though and even when guys cant hit or hurt girls he they did.. they didnt care about my feelings.
AReadingWriter AReadingWriter Aug 06, 2016
Because they know you're way too amazing and incredible and smart
sammy127516 sammy127516 Jan 23
I love to read I escape reality with it and  my friends think I am weird but I don't care
OfNature OfNature Dec 21, 2016
I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen in  normal schools 😐😐😒
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Jan 04
I have a best friend who's Ethan Johnson too sadly I have crush on him why?