Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River

Loving Lily- Sequel to Loving River

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Deputy Micah finds himself alone and lonely when his best friend finds himself happily married. While all the other men have families and homes to go to at the end of the day, Micah goes to the only place that feels like home. The saloon. 

Lily has escaped her rich powerful abusive father. She longs to rescue her sister from the same situation, so she works as a serving girl at the saloon, saving every penny she earns to send for her sister.

Micah has always admired the sweet gentle serving girl, though he has no idea the amount of trouble that admiration will bring him.


This a sequel to Loving River- it can stand alone but it helps if you've read the first.

sallybt122 sallybt122 May 30
Didn't she wake up with him barging the door & knocking a chest of drawers over????
                              The cabin must be big????
Majiclee Majiclee Jul 06
Wonder if her head injury has anything to do with her not waking up to all the noise.
Chriskhunn Chriskhunn Aug 17
That must have been a really huge pile of blankets to juggle the having noises if she didn't wake up
bluelady2276 bluelady2276 Nov 09, 2016
He must Havre Made a racket barging in and the fixing the door,  how can she have slept through all' that
MiladyCelina MiladyCelina Feb 23, 2016
This was a great first chapter!!! There was enough back story to catch you up or remind you what happened in the first book but not too much. It is so adorable to see how much Micah loves her. I'm so excited to read more! Keep up the good work!!!
MiladyCelina MiladyCelina Feb 23, 2016
The whole door incident made me laugh so hard, at least she got a fixed door out of the deal. You left me on a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see what happens next!