Highschool Love 2: Connection

Highschool Love 2: Connection

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Cry is helping Yami with something 

Pewds is giving Wade some advice

Jack is very happy that his family is coming over

Mark is very nervous about meeting the parents.

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Trini365 Trini365 Jun 19, 2017
Me:I'm such a phan fan!
                              Bf: seriously XD
                              Me: what!? 
                              Bf: your the biggest phan fan ever!
                              Me: thx........BUT I LOVE-
                              Bf: but you love tacos mare I know...
                              Me: no I love u more!
                              Bf: I love you too......... but I love pizza more!
                              Me: this is why we're together. Your too perfect.
- - Mar 03, 2017
I remember when I didn't ship septiplier and I cursed aphmau out for shipping then because I knew they weren't gay.... Haha
                              Who would imagine that I would ship it later on