My Chemical Romance{Smut}

My Chemical Romance{Smut}

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Sassy Dragon By aerial325 Updated May 13, 2016

this has Smuts and other stuff!!!!

Hope you enjoy you dirty little freaks!!!!  

I do not own any of the band members they own themselves.

I do own the plot line of the story.


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I do not need Jesus I need Geesus like Revenge high school Gee like yassssss!!!
Hello internet, my name is [        D        a        n       ]
if you're THAT addicted, it's gonna be pretty hard to stop, mate.
VERONACA OPEN THE OPEN THE DOOR PLZ!!! lol no jk keep the door shut
Blarg WHERE R DA COMMAS?!?!? Sorry my English teacher would drill this stuff into my head so now I cry every time I don't see one...😢😭
Urielectrix Urielectrix Feb 18
I'm sorry but it's against everything I've been told by Satin himself so I can go to keep that door closed