My Chemical Romance{Smut}

My Chemical Romance{Smut}

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Sassy Dragon By aerial325 Updated May 13, 2016

this has Smuts and other stuff!!!!

Hope you enjoy you dirty little freaks!!!!  

I do not own any of the band members they own themselves.

I do own the plot line of the story.


{Please no Hateful or negative comments}

MyChemicalBandism MyChemicalBandism Dec 22, 2016
This is nick name is Frankie too..........just use my name
Moikeyyyy_way Moikeyyyy_way Dec 30, 2016
I feel like I may have knocked my tooth out bc it hurts but my braces are keeping it there or maybe the braces broke but I'm scared
Mangle1989Dragon1989 Mangle1989Dragon1989 Dec 25, 2016
Antisocial means you're eighter a sociopath or a psychopath. Associal means you don't like people
NoaLitvynenkoBorgas NoaLitvynenkoBorgas Dec 07, 2016
My nickname?
                              Yes. That's mah name
fairlylocalcrybaby fairlylocalcrybaby Oct 18, 2016
I FORGIVE YOU YOU LITTLE BEAN😭😭💗 hes too adorable holy guacamole
Frnk-is-adorable Frnk-is-adorable Sep 25, 2016
I'm always triggered. Looks like I can't read this (Nawh I'm kidding fam)