Just Like You (A Mithzan Fanfiction) BOOK 1

Just Like You (A Mithzan Fanfiction) BOOK 1

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RIP ME By DaM000se Completed

Ok I'm going to get judged! I think Max is adorable so I'm writing a fan fiction no hate!

You are a normal girl, a college girl, you are 21 and currently going to the University of Washington, in Seattle. You love the sky crew and you decide, since you are not a city girl, to go to the Cross Road mall in Bellevue with your roommate. That is were you meet them, the sky crew, on their lunch break, at the mall. 

P.S. The name of the main character is Isabella, but if you want to replace it with your name be my guest.

Cover by: joyfii

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FoxForTheKill FoxForTheKill Jan 19, 2017
My ship name with him would be Sax or Monya but I personally like Sax because I play the saxophone
Hojo_Trexlol Hojo_Trexlol Jan 15, 2017
I f me and max had a ship name, it would either be Hax or Molly. I prefer Hax tho
AceofEnder AceofEnder Dec 11, 2016
Reading this for the second time and as soon as I saw the banned all the feels cane
BlazingWolfofIce91 BlazingWolfofIce91 Mar 21, 2016
Okay I have read this and it is epic.....and I think that Ross and Lindsey should get together  =3
OuatLover2003 OuatLover2003 Jun 28, 2016
This book was made for me. My name is Isabella and o have asthma. Coincidence? I honk not!
Cup_O_Tae Cup_O_Tae May 12, 2016
Boob long <---- my god do i love that it makes me laugh way more that it shpuld