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Y o u ' r e   M i n e . « Yandere!Neko Boy x Reader »

Y o u ' r e M i n e . « Yandere!Neko Boy x Reader »

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Living hurts By C0L0UR Updated Dec 03, 2016

" You can't love corpses. "

MeetDaQueenOfRetards MeetDaQueenOfRetards Nov 13, 2016
Sure totally normal 
                              Don't mind me
                              Just checking for some wax
KawinyKiwi KawinyKiwi Dec 13, 2016
Sometimes there a nip in the cats' ear when it's neutered. Is that what you mean?
HonestlyJustTrash HonestlyJustTrash Sep 25, 2016
Tanaka, as is common knowledge, is the little old butler in Black Butler. But, did you know that the Japanese voice of Sebastian is named Daisuke?
SnowyAkuma SnowyAkuma Sep 17, 2016
I love any kind of food
                              I mean as long as they aren't the ones I'm allergic to haha—
prettygirlswag7611 prettygirlswag7611 Nov 23, 2016
Oh hell yeah cup noodles are so good but I also like ramen noodles
heyitsbloom heyitsbloom Jan 10
That is me my friend had to wake me up today because I closed my eyes for a have a second and fell asleep