Just friends

Just friends

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Bella By bellskiess Updated Jan 25, 2017

Completely ignoring the subject, he changes the topic, " Can you be my fake girlfriend for awhile?" How can he asked something like that with a straight face?

  Fake ? I don't even know how that could work ,non the less, I would never even date Jake, I seriously wouldn't ever fake date him.

It was completely unthinkable.

"Heck to the no." I say with a 'are you crazy' face.

He pouts his lower lip," Pleeeeeaase! I'll make it worth your while. Everybody will know so you don't have to worry about girls coming you to ask the troublesome question of why your always with me."

Jake, that wouldn't be what would  be troublesome.

Meet Emily Crills, The schools smartest and talented girl. Then meet Jake Kale. The school's biggest bad boy. She hates him but he knows she doesn't because of how cocky he is. Just when she thinks he starts 
to care, he shows he doesn't. Will Emily make him realize how big of a jerk he is or will he keep playing his stupid games on her?

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