Hidden *Sequel to Stolen*

Hidden *Sequel to Stolen*

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After a month of getting my life back, I really thought I was finally free, knowing that Chip was behind bars, and that I was no longer a pet to anyone. But as time slowly started to change, I started to notice things are different, that maybe nothing good will ever be the same. I start to lose trust in people, double guessing on things and losing friends. His words still haunt my mind. The day he held a gun to my head and now, I can't even step outside without someone bring up the kidnapping. Maybe I was lying to myself that my life was going to return to being normal, maybe I was wrong on a lot of parts, maybe, just maybe, the only person left to trust is the one who took me from my life in the first place, maybe we both need saving.
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Idk_How_Life_Works Idk_How_Life_Works Nov 25, 2017
I just finished your first book bad going straight to this one, I started reading your book last night it was so old I couldn't keep my eyes off it, I stayed up so late, it was worth it 😘
Idk_How_Life_Works Idk_How_Life_Works Nov 25, 2017
I would give him the middle finger and be like "Fuuuuuuck. You."
I thot was a continuing series, how come I don’t see hades name or Blake’s??
x4TheFunx x4TheFunx Nov 27, 2017
Got school tomorrow but I just finished the first book and I need, NEED to at lease read a little of this
serlir serlir Nov 22, 2017
Who are chip skyler and the agent i dont get it what happened to jade
xlilsmolbeanx xlilsmolbeanx Sep 02, 2017
i dont know why but i think of Mikey Cobban from RoadtripTv as Chip