Hidden *Sequel to Stolen*

Hidden *Sequel to Stolen*

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Jay Bean By PuppyPawsGreen Completed


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After a month of getting my life back, I really thought I was finally free, knowing that Chip was behind bars, and that I was no longer a pet to anyone. But as time slowly started to change, I started to notice things are different, that maybe nothing good will ever be the same. I start to lose trust in people, double guessing on things and losing friends. His words still haunt my mind. The day he held a gun to my head and now, I can't even step outside without someone bring up the kidnapping. Maybe I was lying to myself that my life was going to return to being normal, maybe I was wrong on a lot of parts, maybe, just maybe, the only person left to trust is the one who took me from my life in the first place, maybe we both need saving.
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ItsBatoolxx ItsBatoolxx Sep 02
i dont know why but i think of Mikey Cobban from RoadtripTv as Chip
radishfics radishfics Feb 22, 2016
I can't wait to read this but I'm gonna wait till it's finished so I can binge read😂👏🏻
Ria_Jameson Ria_Jameson Jan 09
What's going to happen next 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Emotogurl56 Emotogurl56 Aug 26, 2016
These officers should A: be trying to protect Chip; and B: have they're guns out shooting this masked dude
sundella sundella Mar 13, 2016
OH no I was just reading the description and thinking what happened to her boyfriend but now we know.
PuppyPawsGreen PuppyPawsGreen Aug 08, 2016
The first book is called Stolen, you need to read that one first before this one