Instagram DMs {BxB}

Instagram DMs {BxB}

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Elisandra By j-jastin Completed

We all know idol and fan relationship does not occur... In many cases anyways. Much less through IG DMs. Where many many fans repeatedly contact their idol through. 

The chances of you getting a DM back, is minimal. Yet, we all still do it. Luck is different for everyone.

Will Justin Bieber notice the not obsessed, but dedicated fan, Jason McCann?


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Just wanted to clarify... This story doesn't; in any way, type, shape or form, collide with any other DM story out there. I'm sure there's a few out there, which I might have read, but this is merely my creation and thoughts and own stalkerish ways... Anywho! Enjoy!

This will be just for fun. Nothing serious going on, UNLESS---- I decide against it further into the story.

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Nea_97 Nea_97 May 01, 2017
When you don't have something to read, why not read this again 🙌🏼👏🏼
OliviaKnipp OliviaKnipp 5 days ago
I love this book! 😂
                              Ps: this is my 5th time reading it😏
Nea_97 Nea_97 Apr 03, 2017
3rd time reading 'cause I can't get enough this always makes me laugh so
Nea_97 Nea_97 Apr 11, 2017
One week and I'm back at it again. This never fails to make me laugh so why not rr, again