Exo's Little Sister (COMPLETED)

Exo's Little Sister (COMPLETED)

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Jasmine is Baekhyun's younger adopted sister from the Philippines that not many fans are aware of. She has known the rest of exo for her entire life; from when she was wearing nappies up until the present moment. However, getting older means that her feelings have started to change towards them - what will happen when the group of friends start to become famous as the new band 'EXO' and what will happen to Jasmine?

If Kai is your bias then this story is definitely for you!! x

Can't remember the date :( (gosh I am such a doofus at points xD) (roughly 12th May) ~ thank you so so so so so much for getting this story to 1000 views!! I legit love all of you!! It's really hard to show you my appreciation by writing but just know that I am super super grateful to have so many views on a story which I thought would have 50 reads maximum!! Btw it's so great to see you engaging in the story by commenting and voting on it!! So once again, thank you so so so much!! xx

18th of June ~ I came to watt pad, realising that my story had gained 2000 reads and over 100 votes in a matter of about 4 months (I published it in about the middle of February). Again, I would have written another cringe worthy yet incredibly honest paragraph but I would have realised that you guys would all have wanted to read the story instead of me going of on a rant. Therefore, I would just like to say that I am so grateful towards everyone who reads this book and even comments and votes out of their free will on it. Feel free to talk to me on my wall and on the story xxx

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youtubeisgoals youtubeisgoals Mar 20, 2016
Can I just that your profile picture is adorable, Jaspar is my otp alongside my ot12
youtubeisgoals youtubeisgoals Mar 20, 2016
Oooh my bias is Sehun. He is a cutey and I love the fact that on Sukira he was basically in tears because he loved the members so much!