The Voice Inside my Head (Peter Pan OUAT Fanfic.) UNDER EDITING

The Voice Inside my Head (Peter Pan OUAT Fanfic.) UNDER EDITING

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It all started with a game of truth, dare, or die and escalated from there. But every relationship has its ups and downs and Abigail and Peter are no exception. After Abigail realizes that she is a target of something big, she knows  that she put herself and Pan in danger. So she leaves and returns to the land without magic. But what happens when Pan looks for her- and finds her. After all, no one is allowed to leave Neverland without his permission.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the lost boys, Felix,
Peter Pan, Cinderella, or any character belonging to Once Upon A Time on ABC. I do own the plot line and Abigail plus all characters in the land without magic.

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LostgirlPeterP LostgirlPeterP Nov 21, 2017
Wth is she even talking to that thing. If i was her and i didn't knew it was the shadow of Peter Pan yet. I just would scream my lungs outta my body and run like hell
mkcroatia mkcroatia Aug 17, 2017
My name is Abigail and I'm so happy with the personality  of this character even though I just started reading 😆
GothicGamerGirl64 GothicGamerGirl64 Nov 07, 2017
My choice words:
                              Chocolate is good, 
                              Puppies are too, 
                              Cats are evil, 
                              And all know that is true.
GothicGamerGirl64 GothicGamerGirl64 Nov 07, 2017
I can cry on command too, acculy. I've never been in theater, but I'm REALLY good at acting.
DepressedSiren DepressedSiren Sep 15, 2016
Me: *listening to "Voices In My Head" looking for a Panfic to read and sees this one* WTF.