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The Two of Us

The Two of Us

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Bushra Zahin By hikari_kei2003 Completed

Shiranui Yuriko was a beautiful girl with a horrible past, she doesn't remember anything from before she was 3 and she doesn't know who her birth parents were, heck she doesn't even know what her real name is. So after her clan was killed and a mysterious incident happening to her she moved to Konoha and was put in team 7 with Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and of coarse the famous and handsome Uchiha Sasuke.
  When she meets Sasuke she dosen't act like all the other girls would instead she ignores him, but after spending time together they both learn to love and they start dating of coarse, but Sasuke leaves Konoha to get revenge on his brother leaving behind a heartbroken Yuriko.
  Yuriko gets mad at Sasuke and promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love again, she leaves Konoha and joins the Akatsuki where she knows her heart won't be broken again.
  2 and a half years later she meets the man she once loved, Sasuke. What will she feel when they both meet each other again. Hate, sadness or possibly love.
  Secrets will be discovered, pasts will be revealed and maybe even love will be found.
  Find out yourself.
  The story takes place after the Chunin Exams.
  AN- All images and videos are from Google images and YouTube, All characters belong to the rightful owner Masashi Kishimoto and Main female character personality belongs to me, and I'm just going to tell you all nicely. Don't copy any of my ideas please, thank you.

  • action
  • adventure
  • akatsuki
  • family
  • guardian
  • itachi
  • kakashi
  • konoha
  • life
  • love
  • naruto
  • ninja
  • power
  • romance
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • sasukelovestory
  • strength
  • uchiha
Omg the ultimate clan! Hiw could someone kill everyone (except Yuriko obviously)?
_Rain_Baek999 _Rain_Baek999 a day ago
I like to read this story. But with a more complete version because in the explain. Or is is just me? Hmm... I don't know.
KookieSuga KookieSuga Dec 24, 2017
she would know her parents. I mean what if her parents was from a clan? Shiranui Clan.
JamlessJiminstan JamlessJiminstan Jun 24, 2017
I got a felling she is a Uzumaki 
                              Red hair( someing uzumaki clan is known for)
                              Oct 10 (same as Naruto) 
                              Parents unknown(same as Naruto for a few years)
                              She just might bw his twin or sister
MadisonClay4 MadisonClay4 Jun 18, 2017
People who hate Mary Sue needs to keep their thoughts to themselves so to the Mary Sue haters keep your comments to yourself and if ya won't then leave this book if u haye Mary Sue
MinervaYoomiHatake MinervaYoomiHatake Nov 03, 2017
Must..... not..... sing..... Got7....... Have.... to.... be..... a.... normal..... person..... for..... a..... day...... HWAITING!!!!