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overtime | ethandolan

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overtime © 2016

"i've been working for it, putting in overtime.
putting in overtime, putting in over."

- in which a girl has an affair with her boyfriend's boss and they keep it behind his back as long as
they possibly can. based on overtime by bryson tiller. i suggest you listen to the song before you read.


warning: book is rated 'MATURE'. follow me on wattpad to get the rest of the book and unfollow if you want when your finished reading it. sorry for the confusion and frustration. love, amber

unradicals unradicals Mar 25
what freaks me out is when you realize your mom's name is evelyn omg. LOVE YOUR WRITING THO.
artealota artealota Mar 08
I hate you. You provide all the stores I need in this world and make them amazing SMH BECAUSE YOUR AN AMAZING WRITER OMFG
turtledolan turtledolan May 20
These hoes aint loyal, oh no, these hoes aint loyal, yeah yeahh
Don't spit that milk, don't spit that milk down my thigh💦💦💦
canadianxbabe canadianxbabe 7 days ago
A bomber jacket & he's wearing a tux..? Bitch if you don't leave that in the car 💀
okokdolan okokdolan Sep 17
this is why i need the phantom, 
                              this is why i need the phantom