Hurricane (Assassin's Creed Black Flag)

Hurricane (Assassin's Creed Black Flag)

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Chess By FrostyChess Updated Aug 07, 2017

[Cover by the wonderful @edens-]
[Edward Kenway x OC] 

Amelie Crawley feels like she's paying the price of this war alone. She's losing everyone she cares about- her mother, her best friend, and her almost lover. Desmond gave up his life to prevent the end of the world and Amelie had worn her heart on her sleeve and been unable to prevent him from doing so. 

But when Amelie finds her best friend's journal, chronicling the events leading up to her disappearance and presumed death, she begins to wonder if Esme isn't dead after all, and instead was on the verge of discovering something that could turn the tide of the war.

Amelie won't let anyone else she cares about die, and if she has the opportunity to find Esme, she'll take it. 

Waking up in 1714 was not what she had in mind.

[Warnings for descriptions of violence and language and some scenes of a sexual nature.]

[Also important to note that some aspects of piracy in this story will be inaccurate. My only education is AC4 and Black Sails plus what I've read online.]

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MerOdie MerOdie Jun 14, 2017
I love the way you're combining your two stories here. It's so smoooth and nice and all. Good to know what happened to an old friend.
MiladyNocturnal MiladyNocturnal Jun 26, 2016
If you dont mind me asking of course...HOW IN THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU GET SO GOSH DARN GOOD AT WRITING??? X$
latte-to-go latte-to-go Jul 01, 2016
Aw, this story is amazing so far and your writing is just beautiful! I can't wait to see where this story goes! I love your story and the main character! She's very likable! ❤️
lettiescorner lettiescorner Jun 22, 2016
Aaw this is so great i already love it so much ! I don't know why but i've got the feeling that Amelie will indeed find Esme and that she's not going to like what she sees '__'
Hope_is_There Hope_is_There Jun 22, 2016
Yay yay you updated! I love this story and the whole idea behind it :)
pressxtoshoot pressxtoshoot Aug 11, 2016
If you have 133 years, you can wait for Frye twins to born, but you'll also have to wait for 2 decades for Evie to find Edward Kenway's journal. That's hardly a reliable proof tho'. I doubt you'll accept wait for 302 years?