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BTS Chatroom

BTS Chatroom

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v i n t a g e By cutekook- Updated Dec 28, 2016

Your local Bangtan Chatroom

DoctorWhoFangurl DoctorWhoFangurl Sep 10, 2016
LMAO NO JOKE I DID THAT LIKE 2 DAYS AGO AND I SCARED MY FRIEND COZ I WAS SAYING DEEP BTS LYRICS ESPECIALLY WITH ALL THE WINGS TEASERS ETC. I legit texted her "caught in a lie" "save me, who is being punished" "bring back my smile" and she thought I was being depressive again lmao it was hilarious
woozihoonjinkookie woozihoonjinkookie Apr 19, 2016
omg I thought namjoon was gonna get in trouble by mommy jin!!!:)
KookiesLuvTae KookiesLuvTae Aug 01, 2016
Nope. Your going to be cooking chicken? Jackson chicken wang is ashamed.