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❝baby don't cry when I'm gone when you were the reason I left in the first place❞

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She was a normal girl walking on the streets eating ice cream talking with her boyfriend as they laughed at the most immature things ever. She was living her day dream until everything turned to hell. Her dad started drinking, her boyfriend left her and all her friends left her alone in the dark. Having no other way, she moved to a new town ready to start a new life. 

And just when she thought that she left everything and everyone behind her, a familiar face suddenly showed up again. That person came to turn her world upside down, again.

Will she be able to walk with a crushed heart again? And will she be able to see why her ex, acutally broke up with her?

WARNING : I wrote this book one year ago and my english wasn't good back then. However, I'm editing the book right now but you can always read it if grammar errors and spelling mistakes doesn't bother you. 

Second story 
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By: @Violetta_Vargas

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Destiny_Hope26 Destiny_Hope26 Nov 24, 2017
I don't get why she's so pissed though. He is just asking a question
proudblanco proudblanco Jul 14, 2017
I cooked one time. That was the first time ever to cook and i almost literaly setted the house on fire. But i trowed water over the fire so it was fine😂😂
Imapandicorn777 Imapandicorn777 Sep 08, 2017
                              Back-up your poimt before ya say anything
                              Like obviously😑
jortini_dm jortini_dm Mar 15, 2016
But I have a small question.
                              Is it Leonetta or Jortini book?
                              (I love both❤😂)
SarahPortlockAuthor SarahPortlockAuthor Apr 10, 2016
This prologue and the blurb really got me intrigued because it was so mysterious and I liked that
malak2006lover malak2006lover Jun 30, 2016
amazing i was listening to tinis song got me started while reading this