The Gang leaders personal stripper (Camren)

The Gang leaders personal stripper (Camren)

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Skye :) By quittlover1548 Updated Dec 14, 2017

Lauren- She's a badass, Leader of the best and the most frightening gang in Miami, if anyone was to cross her and piss her off then let's just say that you will be tortured til she's had enough of you and then kills you. She owns the best strip club and loads of nightclubs around Miami and even in LA and New York, She is also the best dealer for drugs, guns and earns millions because of it. She does have a soft spot though for her personal stripper, Camila Cabello. Touch her in the slightest way and you're dead, Lauren has a huge crush on her but hasn't told her yet. 

Camila- She's one of the sweetest people you would ever come to know, but she gets really bitchy if someone calls her out or talks about Lauren in a bad manner. She may be Lauren's personal stripper but she does have a major crush on Lauren. Lauren took her in and fed her and let her live with her when she got kicked out from home for taking drugs a couple of times, she even gave Camila a job. First she worked in the strip club and did her work publicly, but as Lauren and her got closer Lauren didn't want her to do it in front of anyone but her. Lauren bought her everything and protected her from anyone mostly guys who tried to touch Camila. 

G!P Lauren 


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Tylerroy Tylerroy Jul 25, 2017
When you dream about this
                              And then you realize 
                              You're broke AF
ThatOneSarcasticNerd ThatOneSarcasticNerd Mar 17, 2017
Just remember a woman has no remorse when it comes to busting balls. Guys have it more as a touchy subject and sympathize.  But a woman will bust a set of balls for virtually anything.
ForeshadowingAngst ForeshadowingAngst Sep 17, 2017
Women bust a human being out of their vagina and can still take a kick to the V. 'Men' get kicked in the balls once and they're done.
Cardacar Cardacar Aug 14, 2017
Bro I read 6 feet under and I got so shook cause I'm listening to The Weeknd's song called "six feet under"
How does she know that she’s got the biggest... did they compare 🤔
bbbbbbbbhe bbbbbbbbhe Aug 22, 2017
It always pisses me off to see people living in luxury like that while im working my ass off and ill never get close to affording any of that