1| in the stars  ➳ rilaya.

1| in the stars ➳ rilaya.

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♡ Natalie ♡ By arianaqueende Completed

❝i'd rather be a fool with you
 than be anything without you.❞

 © natalie 2016-2017

(Cover by @secutegrxnde)

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- - Apr 15, 2017
Poor Maya, ugh why can't anyone see that she just needs love and warmth
collali collali Apr 08, 2017
It's everything for me. Sometimes it will be grey and white, (probably most of the time) but other times it's most of every color I want in my life.
Bitch I will punch you in the face until you are unconscious
doveatonix doveatonix Oct 12, 2017
Written in the Stars... The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.... the good old days *wipes away tear*
Boy really. That's the best u can think of wat is this boy meets world
x0xbrokensmilesx0x x0xbrokensmilesx0x Feb 01, 2017
We're right here and we're gonna write a story written in the stars like graffiti can't ignore it light years and we'll see the comets falling this is the moment where it all began