My mate "raped" me

My mate "raped" me

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Josephine By pyfnxx Updated Mar 12, 2016

I'm at the last year of college. I'm a hybrid. A werewolf-witch-vampire hybrid. I was a monster, a dangerous monster. To stop me, I needed my mate. I need him to touch me, to mark me so that I wouldn't be able to hurt anyone again.

At my new school, I became friends with a girl called Emily, I soon know about her mate, Cayton. I realize how much I crave for him, I knew he belonged to someone else and if I was to mark him, my soul would kill him cause he wasn't my mate. But all I wanted everyday was him. Till one day,  I found out that I wasn't the only one feeling that way. 

He shown his aggression, he raped me.

AmosDawson AmosDawson Jun 20, 2016
Until this part of the story I love it alot. Well and well done on the part of putting up POV in different characters. It helps me understand what their actually feeling or doing well done! *pats on the shoulder!
LibbyZvhal LibbyZvhal Dec 03, 2016
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss [kiss until the end of time!!]
Ronalelee Ronalelee Sep 18, 2015
This is actually a really good storyline; things like the puppets!! Is it original or did you derive the idea from something else???
werewolf72 werewolf72 Jul 15, 2015
I feel like when ever some one loses their humanity
                              They become 3 times hotter 
                              I just don't understand this logic lol
british_bums_ british_bums_ Feb 21, 2015
*The witches also have two groups (you can't use "on the other hand" if they have similar context such as having two categories)
dewyfruit dewyfruit Aug 31, 2014
I really liked the descriptions to be honest I thought it would be stupid because how she was a hybrid but this was kinda cool idk yet because it's not the story yet but.... I gonna read it