Duty, a Matter of the Heart.

Duty, a Matter of the Heart.

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Mary-MGA By LadyMaryLannister Updated Sep 20, 2017

Victoria Baratheon is the first born child of Queen Cersei Lannister and King Robert Baratheon. Despite loving her family she stood out. She was the only black haired child, the only one with the spirit of a true Stag. 
The funny thing about the truth is that it always surfaces, one way or another. With a visit to the North, things begin to change. What happens when Victoria is in the middle of what she wants, and what she has to do? She has to play the Game of Thrones. 

A Robb Stark fanfiction. 

* I promise I update frequently, but please vote and comment. Your opinion means a lot *
--All credits to George R.R. Martin and his brilliant novels and Tv series on which I based this story. Most of the characters belong to him, except for Victoria and a few other characters.--

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DarcyRossetti24 DarcyRossetti24 Mar 27, 2016
Great tension, very effective. I like the contrast between cersei and Victoria
ReekFreak1000 ReekFreak1000 Apr 13, 2016
Couldn't highlight the last part only. But "hole" should be whole.
_100Letters_ _100Letters_ Nov 29, 2016
I think she should've said that Jamie is father of Joffery, Marcella, and Tommen
amberstpierre amberstpierre Mar 21, 2016
I really love your writing style, I can't wait to read further!
CarolineMarie21 CarolineMarie21 Dec 10, 2016
That's so awesome aww king Robert being a good father to Victoria
DarcyRossetti24 DarcyRossetti24 Mar 27, 2016
Great start, I like the relationship dynamics you set up from the get go x