Lost  ↣  Alec Lightwood [1]

Lost ↣ Alec Lightwood [1]

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In which a girl and her friends search for one of the most powerful objects in their world, but in doing so she loses sight of what it really means to be a shadowhunter.

lost ↣ something gone and never found but never forgotten 

[Shadowhunters; season 1]

[I do not own anything else other than the character, Bailey Wayland and any other plots I add in]


Batman_Stiles Batman_Stiles Apr 16, 2016
@5sos_fam_calm oh I see what you mean, about the balls/bails
AlaskaToKansas AlaskaToKansas Dec 29, 2016
Well if you think about it, it was ether be burned every time you tried to help the Institute or go and get the rune removed and maybe go back and tell them( I don't know if he is a full on traitor because I don't have the second book.)
*goes to comment section to see how many other people thought it said balls*
-voidMick -voidMick Sep 04, 2016
now im imagining jace saying night to his balls before he goes to bed every night
esme_eo esme_eo Jun 06, 2016
*waves hand on my face* I CAN'T TAKE IT! I'M GOING DOWN WITH THIS!!!!
sarCAStic_w0lf sarCAStic_w0lf Mar 28, 2016
I just imagined him saying that, and I'm dying😂😂😂😂!