Lost  ↣  Alec Lightwood [1]

Lost ↣ Alec Lightwood [1]

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— jay By wibblyywobblyy Completed

In which a girl and her friends search for one of the most powerful objects in their world, but in doing so she loses sight of what it really means to be a Shadowhunter.

lost ↣ something gone and never found but never forgotten 

[Shadowhunters; season 1]

[I do not own anything else other than the character, Bailey Wayland and any other plots I add in]


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aldu_97 aldu_97 Jul 28, 2017
That's a better explanation than that she saw them, knowing that Seraph Blades only lit with shadowhunters, other way she be just a Mundane with the Sight
aplinarp aplinarp Jan 27
I definitely need Jesus because the only thing I’m capable to read is balls
aldu_97 aldu_97 Jul 28, 2017
She could be just a mundane and have the Sight: that doesn't make her a Shadowhunter
"The younger Wayland" that's kinda impossible. I'm just gonna assume they're twins and she came out second.
I want to read this so bad but I can’t, alec is a gay character and completely washing away his sexuality pisses me off, you have a tone of other characters to choose from.
alouvre alouvre Feb 16
there’s supposed to be a comma between you and too && too and izzy