The Run and Go⚣Zouis AU

The Run and Go⚣Zouis AU

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Pete Wentz Trash™️ By CockyLilo Updated Mar 11

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"When bad things keep happening to good people, 
you start to question what is right and what is wrong."

Louis is an Omega on the Run, he's running far and he's running fast from a past that is slowly catching up to him by the heels of his feet, trying to drag him back into the darkness of the slums he just crawled himself out of.

Zayn is a wealthy young, Alpha doctor who just happens to be examining the young, unclaimed Omega after someone found him passed out on the edge of the road 

[Zouis MPreg/ A/B/O AU]

[Warnings:BoyXBoy, strong language, alcohol and drug usage, strong violence and past abuse, PTSD, Murder, discrimination]

All rights reserved 2016®CockyLilo you steal my story I'll eat your soul *rawr*

Cover: @babydoll

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teddybeartyler teddybeartyler Apr 11, 2016
coming soon: my life inspired by twenty øne piløts song The Run And Go
JadePage123 JadePage123 Mar 01, 2016
alpha Harry omega Niall...or alpha Liam omega Niall...just as long as it's omega Niall lol
Dean_please Dean_please Nov 21, 2016
For some reason I thought he was talking about Niall, so when he said the wrong gender thing I was immensely confused lol
1mydadliam1 1mydadliam1 Mar 02, 2016
I like it. It isn't too detailed for a first chapter. Perfect.
Meshii Meshii Oct 14, 2016
Im waiting for your other stories and started to read this and I love this so now this is another thing to be hooked on