||Back When We Were Young|| MCYT AU

||Back When We Were Young|| MCYT AU

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Sn-woAh By ProfessionalSnwo Updated Apr 26, 2017

[Rewriting c:]

It wasn't meant to take a turn in the wrong direction, but it couldn't be stopped, time doesn't wait.

It was a fight that triggered the action, the action changing everything. Ty, along with his younger brother, Tyler, got engaged in a fight with their dad, insults were thrown, the truth was spilled. Ty and Tyler didn't want their dad to be in their life, children who were once innocent and loving grew to be rebellious teenagers. Their dad accepted it, they knew of it all along, but it hurt even more to actually hear it from the mouth of his own two children whom he had saved before. So now it was time, it was finally time to change everything. 

"I suppose I'm not needed."

"No, you aren't. I prefer you gone." Ty snapped at his dad. "Alright, I see... Please tell Brice I loved him, but I suppose that would all change. I'm sorry I thought I was good enough to actually save you from the life you once had." The words struck the two, memories came flooding back, but all was done. Their dad ran off, tears dripping from his eyes as he ran by his husband and to the end of the hallway. Frozen for a brief moment Ty and Tyler felt something push them forward, getting them to run after their father with pleads. Everything was a blur, but the moment was clear as day. Ty and Tyler stood silent as they saw their dad hold a potion. He murmured some words, before the glass bottle fell. However he was never hit, instead he was pushed away. The golden liquid inside the glass was free, Ty and Tyler in it's gooey substance, the two feeling numb before pain struck them. They were lost in abyss until they soon found themselves in the past, not their past, but the past of their dad.

Here they would learn stories from a different perspective, seeing the joys of their dad and father when love barely bloomed. The timeline they once lived in froze, and a new one was born, the brothers now realized the hardships of losing what they once had.

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Seto, you're not you when you don't eat. Take a snickers. *shoves it in his mouth*
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Lmao 'Adam has a boring backstory' nice one, you make me laugh.
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I know I'm supposed to be mad, but I'm not. At all. Whatsoever.
ProfessionalSnwo ProfessionalSnwo Feb 23, 2016
Ty actually hits the nerd and his dad later on in the book, if you remember who the dad is..
TheAshaki TheAshaki Apr 15, 2016
Tyler is everywhere, mr narrator guy who thinks he is sassier than Jason
TheAshaki TheAshaki Apr 15, 2016
"It's about time"
                              "It's about time"
                              "It's about time"
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