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||Back When We Were Young|| MCYT AU

||Back When We Were Young|| MCYT AU

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Snwo, Your Host By ProfessionalSnwo Completed

[Starting Point of Young Series]

Seto stared at Ty and Tyler who we chatting quietly. Something seemed off between the two boys. Seto narrowed his eyes, the energy in his body slowly rose. Trying to read into the mind of a teenager was hard, especially since it's been long since Seto was able to use magic. Seto eyes widen, tears collecting upon his eyes. Seto took a step back, knocking a vase over.  Ty looked in the direction of the noise, seeing his dad run made him run after him, and Tyler was standing there, not knowing what to do. 

Ty saw his dad open a door before disappearing. Ty followed him, seeing a lab, filled with colorful potions. Then he saw Seto, who holding a glass bottle, it holding a golden liquid. His dad said, "Let this potion grant the wish that I, Phat Seto Source, never met Brice Purton Solace, and if I do, then let me never love him." With that, his dad dropped the potion on the ground. Ty ran towards him, Tyler close behind. The potion splashed on all of them.

The world became dark, and Ty and Tyler were sucked into a portal, in which would bring him to a world when both of his parents were in high school. Here, he would try to bring his parents together and while he and Tyler would possibly find love. But, of course, time travel is dangerous, especially when time is changed.

(Not much romance lol)

KittyMagi KittyMagi Feb 25, 2016
Seto, you're not you when you don't eat. Take a snickers. *shoves it in his mouth*
SalutationsMyFriend SalutationsMyFriend Sep 23, 2016
Lmao 'Adam has a boring backstory' nice one, you make me laugh.
                              (No offence)
TheAshaki TheAshaki Feb 24, 2016
I know I'm supposed to be mad, but I'm not. At all. Whatsoever.
ProfessionalSnwo ProfessionalSnwo Feb 23, 2016
Ty actually hits the nerd and his dad later on in the book, if you remember who the dad is..
TheAshaki TheAshaki Apr 15, 2016
Tyler is everywhere, mr narrator guy who thinks he is sassier than Jason
TheAshaki TheAshaki Apr 15, 2016
"It's about time"
                              "It's about time"
                              "It's about time"
                              (Uses this as blackmail)