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The Bad Boy Saved Me // #1 ✔️

The Bad Boy Saved Me // #1 ✔️

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Liv Writes By weird_liv Completed

#159 in romance: 2017-01-28
#254 in romance: 2016-09-20


          "Fine! As soon as my mother died I received no affection from my father whatsoever. He never showed me love or compassion and neither did anyone else. So how am I supposed to know what love feels like Gemma? There's nothing you can do to fix this!" I exploded. But the only thing she was focused on was the person casting a shadow on my back behind me.

          I turned around, and guess who I saw?


          He always walks into conversations at the perfect times.

          "Seriously?! Does everyone have to hear everything I say?!" I sighed out of frustration as the bell rang. And before they noticed, I slipped away and sped to first period.

          Maybe Mason would just forget I ever said anything...

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Me xD sorry well i wouldnt say slut but still i would be like GIMME MY FOOD NOW
Madd13_12 Madd13_12 May 04
Sounds like the lalaloopsies of our school. Cute from far away, ugly as hell up close. Also known as the populars😂
                              *dumps burning hot uncooked spaghetti on his head*
                              "How bout that!?"
ThatsABadUsername ThatsABadUsername 5 days ago
I like how she shows it instead of the other stories where girls hide it
What my mom has become when she tells me to clean up my room for the tenth time
SLNL24 SLNL24 Apr 20
I'm kinda imagining her being a cute little chili character with a horn then tooting it while giggling