The Bad Boy Saved Me // (1) ✔️ #Wattys2017

The Bad Boy Saved Me // (1) ✔️ #Wattys2017

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          "Fine! As soon as my mother died I received no affection from my father whatsoever. He never showed me love or compassion and neither did anyone else. So how am I supposed to know what love feels like Gemma? There's nothing you can do to fix this!" I exploded. But the only thing she was focused on was the person casting a shadow on my back behind me.

          I turned around, and guess who I saw?


          He always walks into conversations at the perfect times.

          "Seriously?! Does everyone have to hear everything I say?!" I sighed out of frustration as the bell rang. And before they noticed, I slipped away and sped to first period.

          Maybe Mason would just forget I ever said anything...

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nnnnnicolee nnnnnicolee Aug 06
Dang it. It's always fact a girl in my mom's high school was named nichole and she was a brat but my mom liked her name so she took it and spelled it differently
TOOT TOOT ILL GIVE YOU THAT BEEP BEEP why am I singing the Remix to Ignition song at 4 AM
wish212 wish212 Jul 28
If my dad ever hit me like that HELL TO THE NO is he getting away with it
fair enough you are confident and that's great  but you could have worded it a little differently because it makes you come across as arrogant, i swear to god some people are getting triggered as fuckk in the comments lmao
Nova_Corp Nova_Corp Jul 11
I know how it feels. I was abused by my mom. As you can probably tell from my profile pic im depressed. Oh yeah, im also 11 but have the strength of a 20 year old according to my consoler
PandaPuppy_ PandaPuppy_ Jul 03
I'm imagining Noah as the same Noah from She's With Me and Stay With Me by @AvaViolet . I'm guessing the author who wrote this story used Mason, Noah, and Erin (in chapters 23-24 in Stay With Me) from inspired by Ava's characters, maybe. But....NOAHHHH U R MINEEEEE💯💯😂💗💗