The Bad Boy Saved Me

The Bad Boy Saved Me

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          "Fine! As soon as my mother died I received no affection from my father whatsoever. He never showed me love or compassion and neither did anyone else. So how am I supposed to know what love feels like Gemma? There's nothing you can do to fix this!" I exploded. But the only thing she was focused on was the person casting a shadow on my standing behind me.

          I turned around, and guess who I saw?


          He always walks into conversations at the perfect times.

          "Seriously?! Does everyone have to hear everything I say?!" I sighed out of frustration as the bell rang. And before they noticed, I slipped away and speed walked to first period.

          Maybe Mason would just forget I ever said anything...

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It's the first chapter and I already love it, hope Skylar and mason get together!!
XmabeX XmabeX Oct 28
You guys the ACTUAL author of the REAL book is called @sakz15 and the book is called the bad boys misson
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I hate her dad! Child abuse... UGH it gets me angry! This is a good story though.
Omg wth? I SWEAR TO GOD! I just started on a book it's in drafts and the main character is Nicole and the bad boys brother is named Jack..oh god. I chose Nicole cuz it's my aunts name and  I wanted and N NAME
This is copied!!!! @sakz15 wrote this . Please don't copy someone else's work! Just because you have no creativity does not give you the right to steal! This is