Minecraft Mobs Boyfriend Scenarios (Overworld)

Minecraft Mobs Boyfriend Scenarios (Overworld)

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Rose Lovegood/Thietana Venus By Queen_Of_Minecraft Updated Oct 15, 2016

I LOVE Boyfriend Scenarios, so I thought, "Why not write one myself?" 

The mobs that you meet will all be humanoids, though, if that's all right. For instance, you meet a creeper humanoid, all other creepers are normal. 

I will do requests, because I tend to get uncreative at times. 

The character names and interpretations are all mine, so don't say anything about it.

  • cavespider
  • creeper
  • elderguardian
  • guardian
  • minecraft
  • silverfish
  • skeleton
  • slime
  • spider
  • witch
  • zombie
Dark oak and spruce, mainly because my childhood involved climbing them
SushiPotatoQueen SushiPotatoQueen Dec 31, 2017
God people are idiots she's just telling us what that stuff means if you're a ducking idiot who's a noob of this app jeez
as I was reading "Because I couldn't let a pretty face like your's get hurt~." I already played him lifting our chin up to look him in the eyes in my head. I reade to many x reader's XD
Endermen don't actually teleport, they run, if you slow down the game and watch them, you'll see that they just run REALLY fast so it LOOKS like they're teleporting
I was thinking more of a nightmare before Christmas thing like jack, but that works to
creepypasta06 creepypasta06 Dec 28, 2017
Is weird for me read the creeper part because my friend name is Christopher