Half of Ruby

Half of Ruby

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Nothing is impossible for the Fae, but with her thieving boyfriend, insane mother, and peasant status, Ruby's happily ever after seems to be.

When the Giants, a vicious and corrupt race, accuse Ruby's boyfriend of murdering their crown prince, Ruby volunteers for Regeneration to save him from a death sentence and her people from a terrible war. The rules of Regeneration are simple--clone yourself and lead the clone through three lives on Earth. One catch: the clone must not fall in love. 

Ember, Ruby's clone, can only hope for a happy ending. But even being forced to live three loveless lives during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, the Second World War, and in the polluted wasteland of 3125 A.D. China has its perks, for when Ember meets the same young man in all three of her lives, she knows he's the key to her happily ever after and vows to find him--no matter what. 

It seems as though Ruby's happy ending must come at the cost of Ember's, and Ember's at the cost of Ruby's. But soon a much bigger problem faces the two: the legendary Scepter of Argentum, which wields power over every mortal, is awakening. And the evil Queen of the Giants intends to seize it. 

As dark secrets about her heritage and past arise, Ruby allies with the most unlikely of beings, including an icy Giant princess, a mysterious Giant prince, and a three-legged dragon, to find the three pieces of the Scepter before the Queen does. But first she must make peace with the most daunting individual of them all--her other half. 

Can Ruby and Ember stop the Giant Queen and find their happy endings? 

Yes, they can...for the price of unbearable sacrifice, unimaginable selflessness, and undying bravery. 

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Amazing cover art by the talented @Homely8

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edeapenn edeapenn Mar 10, 2016
Got hooked up! Jinx and Ruby are like two different types of people: Jinx is like a person who could get away with anything and Ruby, she's the girl who would always do the right thing. Nice story so far!
AinslieMaconachie AinslieMaconachie Feb 28, 2016
i think i'm going to love this couple! They seem like an old married couple XD
                              You're writing is great, no mistakes and it all flows really nicely making it easy and enjoyable to read
thatTJgirl thatTJgirl Mar 05, 2016
This was a really great first chapter and you have given great descriptions. Only thing I can pick up on is that you have named who your characters are and didn't give us much descriptions of them. So we can't visualise a face for the character.
- - Feb 29, 2016
Hi! I really enjoyed the first chapter! It really caught my interest. The story is unique and mysterious, I've never thought of clones and fantasy mashed up. It's a great idea! I like the way you write. It flows well. I'm excited to see where the story goes! (I will review more later :))
aura_maze aura_maze Mar 03, 2016
the description had already caught my eye and was supported by the starting of this! you are just awesome! fantasy is one of my fav genres and you are making it easy for me to like this.
SenileStrawberry SenileStrawberry Apr 06, 2016
Yaya Hunnybear! I solemnly swear I am up to no good :) Loony Lemons! Mischief Managed!  Keep up the wand waggling work!