My Hero ((Human!Sans X Bullied! Reader))

My Hero ((Human!Sans X Bullied! Reader))

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kittygirl372 By kittygirl372 Updated Apr 08

Your (Y/n) being abused and bullied which  happens all the time.

Sans is a transfer student that moved to Snowdin.

Will he save you and be the hero?

  • abused
  • bullied
  • romance
  • undertale
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                              Blue...very light blue
                              Like a normal white sorta
                              Long and curly at the ends(dream hair)
                              White with pink at the curly tips
Insane_9469 Insane_9469 Mar 27
Hot ...........tissu ........need ......tissue......*
                              Nosebleeds and faints* *sans comes closer* sans: uh she fainted
*unholy breathing*
                              Fml. Who needs life when you have Sans? Lolol..... imded 
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Saramjrd Saramjrd Aug 08
                              Between pale and dark
                              Short but not too short
                              Dark brown
Lol I'm imagining him with his crazy hair and normal eyes sorry can't help it