My Hero ((Human!Sans X Bullied! Reader))

My Hero ((Human!Sans X Bullied! Reader))

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kittygirl372 By kittygirl372 Updated Jun 29, 2016

Your (Y/n) being abused and bullied which  happens all the time.

Sans is a transfer student that moved to Snowdin.

Will he save you and be the hero?

213nicole213 213nicole213 Oct 04, 2016
...i have really short really boy like hair i just imagen I have long hair?
geekgirl626 geekgirl626 Aug 13, 2016
Boys are either hot or not, I think we all know sans just, FABULOUS
I hate it when the reader fights back they get in trouble, but when the bully hits them they don't get in trouble
Mimiandtiwi Mimiandtiwi Jul 31, 2016
You missed a perfect opportunities say so you snow. I'm quite disappointed in you.
Otaku_San_ Otaku_San_ Sep 28, 2016
Okay I'm a tomboy with depression. I hate make up but I still wear it I only wear it for self confidence the only make up I wear is eyeliner and mascara.
WolfieEclipes WolfieEclipes Aug 29, 2016
0/////0 uhhh... Pfft.... *blushes while lying* I TOTALLY don't like him... 0////0