A Touch of Magic

A Touch of Magic

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Sarah Ellen By Sarel303 Updated May 15, 2016

"Usually innocents like you have time to grow into their magic before they have to break the rules. You don't have that time, Minta. Please believe me, you need to be ready. I'm risking everything to make you ready."
I stopped and searched his eyes for further explanation, and there was a near moment of clarity before Edgar looked away, releasing me gently.  "Risk what, Edgar?"

A Touch of Magic...  Minta has a choice; she can turn away from magic or embrace it. Desperate for a destiny, it's a no brainer. Guided by the cat who's been following her around, and her dead aunt's sidekick Gladys Jones, Minta begins by fixing problems with bullies, and finding Prince Charming for her b.f.f. Who'd of thought there were so many Cinderella's in need of makeovers? It's not long before Minta wants change her own romantic fortunes too (it's worked for everyone else). But life is never that simple and as Minta grapples with her future, there are others trying to stop her from having one. But who and why? Minta hasn't a clue. Though she does have her suspicions about the cat...

Eventually, sacrificing her own (and very human) desires to follow her path, Minta's destiny becomes clear; this is a story of self-belief and resolution, first crushes & love (and the journey towards grasping the difference). Mostly though, this is a book about magic.

  Cover kindly made by @alessandra

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celiahou celiahou Mar 15, 2017
Interesting. I look the morose tone of your story so far; I hope that continues throughout the book. Not sure how I feel about Minty yet as I haven't read enough, but I like the name!
anupamarc anupamarc Aug 13, 2016
I am no grammar queen so asking rather than suggest. To me it feels you should have a comma before dont you?. 'I feel so humiliated.  You realise that, don't you?'
CaleTheBookWorm CaleTheBookWorm Nov 18, 2016
I thought that ghosts had no color...
                              Hmm... well you win. So much for being transparent.
CaleTheBookWorm CaleTheBookWorm Nov 18, 2016
My dear, no one dreams while their eyes are open...
                              Except for Max in "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" But that's a different story!
SalBen333 SalBen333 Sep 22, 2016
Fantastic start. It's changed too. I like the extra bit on the end.
Garyorchard Garyorchard Mar 03, 2017
A skillful and atmospheric opening. Nice descriptive flourishes and Minta's  personality comes across really powerfully as does the obviously secret relationship she had with Great Aunt Minty, who she was named after maybe? Terrific opening hook. Looking forward to reading more.