Therapy Sessions [Larry Stylinson/L.S. Fan Fiction/Mpreg]

Therapy Sessions [Larry Stylinson/L.S. Fan Fiction/Mpreg]

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Louis Tomlinson is 16 years old; was homeschooled all his life, skipped two years from how smart he was and this is the first time he ever goes to school. His mother is a model; His father works for a company. They're divorced.

Harry Styles is a 22-year-old man, just graduated from university half a year ago and is now working as a therapist.

What happens when Louis starts going to therapy and in return gets to have the chance of living a normal life in high school?

This is a story where Therapist!Harry and HighSchoolStudent!Louis meet. xx

I read that in zayns voice like when he said "one direction is here to see you" or something like that in the best song ever video oml I'm ded
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I've read this line in so many Larry books it's not even funny anymore aghaha
careful, this one has a bad habit of leaving once in a while
I've missed a crap ton of school, but yet I still have A's 😂
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Funny because I'm listening to my playlist on shuffle right now and Zayn just came on hmmm *x-files song*